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The Church of the Holy Trinity, Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Late gothic church, originally consecrated to St. Christopher, was built for the Czech Brethren Church from the impulse of Kryštof Betengel between 1594 - 1602. Originally there was a slender Gothic tower and St. Christopher statue by the church but the church was greatly damaged during the Thirty Years´ war and rebuilt in 1666 on the initiative of František Karel Libštejnský from Kolowrat. The Gothic tower and St. Christopher statue were removed by Karel Libštejnský son Norbert Leopold and the front of the church together with Loretto Chapel was rebuilt in baroque style in 1713. The Church was dedicated to Holy Trinity. In 1798 the church was struck by lightning,the roof burned down and the church vault collapsed in. Only in 1838 - 1843 the church was renovated according to plans František Pavíček at the behest of František Libštejnský from Kolowrat.

Christopher Bell, Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Belltower is located eastwards of the church of the Holy Trinity, the Renaissance, quadrilateral, from 1604. Christopher bell is hang up in the belltower. It was made in 1602, its weight is 140 cents = 78.4 q and average is 2,054 m, it was made by Jan Benešovský from Moravská Třebová. It is the third largest bell in the Czech Republic, it is well decorated with figural reliefs and its voice is unforgettable.There is a memorial plaque to George Rychnovskému on the bell tower who was an organ master and composer of the Renaissance period. He lived from 1540 to 1616. The plaque is the work of Zdeněk Kolářský.

Parish Church of St. Havel, Rychnov nad Kněžnou

The church was built in the second half of the 13th century. It was restored in pseudogothic style in 1893.It is of simple structure with external pillars. In front there are bricked up tombs dating from 1522, 1573, 1605, 1648 and 1713. At the seatback of the presbytery is a memorial plaque of Bohuslav Balbín by J. Moravec from 1938. The image of St. Havel on the main altar of the sixties of the 18th century is attributed to J. M. Kremser-Schmidt (restored by L. Bruner in 1847 and by P. Major in 1917). On the left altar is late Gothic statue of Madonna from around 1480, and the image of Our Lady of the Rosary by J. Umlauf, under the choir is the statue of John of Nepomuk, Baroque, dated around 1740. The church There is the pseudogothic belltower from 1870 - 1871 at the church.

Cemetery Chapel of the Transfiguration of Christ, Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Originally wooden chapel from 1557, significantly Utraquist and of relatively rare consecration, was demolished in 1864. The present chapel was built in New Byzantine style between 1865 - 1868 according to plans by Alois Turk,on the ground plan of a Greek cross with a semicircular apse. The building is richly decorated from outside and inside, the paintings are from J. Hellich, sculptures by F. Heidelberg by models of A. Popp from 1866.

The Jewish Synagogue, Rychnov nad Kněžnou

In completely restored interior of the synagogue is exposition to Judaism in Podorlicko and an exhibition dedicated to work of Rychnov native writer Karel Polacek.

Jewish Cemetery, Rychnov nad Kněžnou

The former Jewish cemetery can be found in the street called U židovského hřbitova, for further information about the possibility of a visit ask the Town Information Centre in Rychnov nad Kněžnou.

Forest Jewish Cemetery, Podbřezí

Forest Jewish cemetery in Podbřezí - located 200 m from the chatteau upstream of the Zlatý potok, there are 92 tombstones, the oldest one built in 1725, free access.

Village of Liberk

Wooden church of St. Peter and Paul with a bell tower from the 17th century.

Village of Slavoňov

Wooden church of John the Baptist from 1553. Slavoňov church is very popular sight visited by tourists not only from our country but also from abroad. It is interesting that this church is "alive", which means that it still fulfills its original function.

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